Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Exchanged Life Counseling

Individuals who contact Exchanged Life Ministries for counseling have common questions. In order to best serve you, we have compiled the following frequently asked questions and answers.

What is Exchanged Life Ministries?

We are a non-profit, non-denominational Christ-centered discipleship, counseling and counselor training ministry.

What type of counseling will I receive?

Our counselors employ a method of counseling utilizing spiritual, Biblical principles. In this kind of counseling, the Holy Spirit, not the counselor, is the therapist. God becomes the agent of change, provided the counselee cooperates with Him. Our goal is to convey a way of freedom from mental and emotional symptoms, family and marital conflict, as well as other difficulties, utilizing exchanged life principles. Exchanged Life Ministries does not practice psychotherapy, nor are our counselors psychotherapists.

Does Exchanged Life Ministries Provide Emergency/Crisis Care?

We are not equipped for emergency crisis care. The traditional recommendations for suicidal clients involve psychiatric/psychological care and/or inpatient help. We are a discipleship counseling ministry. Whereas we can sometimes help people in this area by sharing spiritual truths, our type of counseling can take time that people needing emergency care cannot afford. Our advice in emergency situations is to dial 911 and seek help from medically trained professionals. After the emergency has been handled, please call us at our offices for further consultation at 303-770-Life (5433).

How long do the sessions last?

Counseling sessions are fifty minutes in length and normally begin on the hour. This constitutes one counseling hour. The first two or three appointments willtypically be double sessions, or two counseling hours. After this, single sessions are usually scheduled. We are often able to schedule intensive counseling in which we see clients more often than once a week.

Will I experience discomfort? What are some of the feelings I can expect?

Certainly we will seek to deal with your problems as gently as possible… however, we cannot guarantee a series of counseling sessions free of emotional discomfort. T his is due to the work of the Holy Spirit in confronting problem areas in your life. There may well be "spiritual tension" when the root problem is confronted. It is best to come with an attitude that says, "Lord, teach me what you want me to learn about myself… and I will not hide from what you reveal to me".

What about homework?

Since Christ is your resource, we have no desire to lead you to become dependent upon your counselor. For this reason a variety of assignments, both reading and research, will be given to lead you to God’s truth about your life in Christ. IN ORDER FOR COUNSELING TO CONTINUE, ALL HOMEWORK MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO EACH SESSION.

What if I am unable to keep my appointment?

Please give 24 hour notice of cancellation so your time can be given to others who are waiting. Call Exchanged Life Ministries at 303-770-Life (5433).

What if I am presently seeing someone else for counseling?

Be sure to discuss this with your counselor at the first appointment.

What are the qualifications of the staff?

Exchanged Life Ministries employs and trains its own staff. Since we do spiritual, Christ-centered counseling we do not look at secular standards necessarily qualifying people for staff at Exchanged Life Ministries. Some of our counseling staff have professional, advanced degrees and some do not. Please feel free to ask for further information or see the resume booklet in the waiting room.

Why are there two counselors in some of my sessions?

Exchanged Life Ministries not only does Christ-centered counseling but it is also widely known for its involvement in training Christian counselors. Through much of the year counselors from around the world are involved in internship problems. We find that their participation enriches counseling sessions, and their input is valuable.

What about confidentiality?

Our staff adhere to a professional code of ethics. The confidentiality of your visits and of your discussion with us are protected by standards of ethical practice and law, but there are two important exceptions you should know about: 1) the law requires that we notify relevant others if a client expresses an intention to harm self or others, and 2) we are also obligated by law to report any instance of child abuse, neglect or molestation.

Please feel free to discuss any questions at all that you may have with your counselor at any time.

If you still have questions that are unanswered, email us at