Christ-Centered Counseling

At Exchanged Life Ministries, our method of Christ-centered counseling and training is set apart from other Christian and secular approaches in that our emphasis is on the finished work of Christ. We do not teach the individual how to try harder with God's help, change himself, or improve his/her self-image.

Rather, we are among those who have been called of God to enable others to discover the Master's Plan for Mastering Life. We call this plan the "Exchanged Life," because God never intended for His children to live in their own sufficiency, but in Christ's sufficiency. For this reason, the Exchanged Life is not about changing a Christian's life, but exchanging a self-centered life for a Christ-centered life.

Exchanged Life Ministries' counseling staff provides Biblically-based, Christ-centered, and client-focused services to individuals, couples, and families. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, marital and family conflicts, addictions, stress disorders, and mental and emotional problems.

Exchanged Life Christ-centered counseling encourages hurting people to a spiritual insight regarding who they really are "in Christ." Emotional, behavioral and relational problems are dealt with in a Christ-centered, Bible-based atmosphere of love, acceptance, understanding, and prayer.

Counseling is usually done at an ELM ministry center. Our offices are located in the Denver Tech Center.

Intensive Counseling

This program is for those who live a considerable distance from one of our ministry centers or have an urgent need. Intensive counseling takes place during the course of one week, with two to three hours of counseling per day. A listing of nearby hotels and motels can be obtained by calling our office at 303-770-Life (5433).

Weekly Counseling

Many local residents come in one or two hours a week, and counseling usually extends over a ten-week period.

The Exchanged Life Conference

Consider attending the Exchanged Life Conference where you will gain a valuable perspective as to what the cause of your problems may be as well as to who you are in Christ.

Make A Payment Toward Counseling Services

Payments toward counseling services can be made online via eCheck, Debit Card or Credit Card by clicking the Make A Payment button below.