The GraceLife Conference Discover the Master's Plan for Mastering Life!

The GraceLife Conference is designed to help all Christians, including those with marital and family relationship problems, anxiety, depression, and problems related to dysfunctional living. It offers a different perspective on living the Christian life.

It is called the "Exchanged Life."
It is not another self-help program.
It is not another exercise or relaxation plan.
It is a life-changing, Biblical, Christ-centered plan for understanding your identity in Christ.

By living a life of grace, you will experience a new freedom and joy in life: A new - and true - sense of peace, and a real experience of the presence and guidance of God in all you are and all you do.

Prefer to hear someone talk about the conference? Listen to a past radio interview with our Executive Director on the Rush to Reason show (click here to listen).

Exchanging Your Strength for His Strength

Has your life been one success after another? Or perhaps, like most of us, do you still struggle with things? Regardless of your past, present circumstances or dreams and fears for the future, the truths of the Exchanged Life can transform your life.

Just a few of the questions answered at the GraceLife Conference:

  • What are three reasons why men and women don't experience the presence of God in their lives?
  • Why does life seem so complex? Could it be that it is just one problem you have--with many different symptoms?
  • What is the one problem that causes you to continue struggling--year after year--with the same sins, hurts, worries, fears, habits, eating disorders, addictions, fatigue, anger, and anxiety?How can you keep success and self-sufficiency from becoming a ticking time bomb in your life?
  • What is the common misconception that leads people to believe they are having a mid-life crisis?
  • What is the "Achilles heel" that successful men and women need to avoid?
  • What's wrong with the current "Self-Esteem Movement" and how can you discover appropriate self-esteem?
  • What may be the real reason you feel so tired and stressed?
  • How can you experience joy and peace--even during life's toughest circumstances?

GraceLife Conference Formats

GraceLife Conferences are conducted at the Exchanged Life Ministry Center in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and at churches around the country. Sessions range from two to two and a half hours in length, and the number of sessions vary, depending on the Conference format. Example conference formats can be as following:

  • "Regular" (2-day) Conference - This accelerated format is presented on Friday evening, Saturday morning, and afternoon.
  • "Retreat" (3-day) Conference - This flexible format can be adjusted to fit your weekend retreat.
  • "Custom" Conference - The format can be customized to fit your groups particular schedule and needs.

GraceLife Conference Topics

The Nature of the Flesh

Life seems so complicated to most people. When the Apostle Paul narrows down a host of symptoms in Galatians 5:19-21 to one root cause, the flesh, some people, with all their psychological insights, are prone to believe Paul was naive. In this lecture we help people understand the life of their "first birth"; its defense mechanisms; how, "according to the flesh," they attempt to meet legitimate needs, and why the ways of the flesh fail. In the process, people develop deep seated and often hidden symptoms due to stress, rejections, and failures. Feelings and attitudes of inferiority, insecurity, inadequacy, false guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness, depression, and anxiety are just a few responses considered.

The "Exchanged Life"

A presentation based on Romans 6, Galatians 2:20, and Colossians 3:3-4. Here we are showing the differences between trying to live the Christian life for God by "doing the best I can with God's help," versus letting Christ live His life through me after "understanding and appropriating my death, burial and resurrection in Him." Illustrated diagrams enable the listener to visualize what is happening within, corresponding to the finished work of Christ at the cross and resurrection. We illustrate how the life of the "second birth replaces the life of the first birth.

Journey to the Cross

God's processing includes bringing people to the end of their own resources. Many times this journey parallels the experience of Christ when He approached the cross. The cost of discipleship is plainly expounded as God calls believers to be willing to suffer the loss of all things so they may "know Him."

The Believer's Identity

An explanation of a believer's righteousness in Christ, based on Romans 5:17, 10:1-4; Philippians 3:4-9; 2 Corinthians 5:21; and 1 Corinthians 1:30,31. The lecture shows that our righteousness is a gift from God received by faith as a result of our new birth in Christ, not by our performance or adhering to various standards of being "good." It also relates our righteousness in Christ to building our true self-esteem (self-image) from God's perspective. This topic will give a detailed look at achieving an identity under the law versus receiving an identity in Christ. (May be taught by way of a videotaped counseling/discipleship interview).

The Believer's Victory

A presentation on how to appropriate our victory in Christ, based on Romans 6-8 and Ephesians 1,2,6. The talk covers the concept of indwelling sin (body or power of sin), flesh, old man, new man, and what it means to be identified in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. The lecture shows the difference between struggling for victory over enslaving habits versus trusting in and walking in the victory that is ours in Christ.

Living the Exchanged Life

The importance of thinking correctly and replacing false beliefs and thoughts with the truth of who I am, where I am, and what I have in Christ. A practical discussion of how to view trials and suffering from God's perspective.

The Next Step: The GraceLife Workshop

Those who attend a GraceLife Conference are eligible to enroll in the GraceLife Workshop. The Workshop provides training in sharing the Exchanged Life truths, and is required for those who wish to enroll in GraceLife Advanced Training programs.